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 Rules In Game Ryl2 Underworld

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PostSubject: Rules In Game Ryl2 Underworld   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:43 am

Terms of use/Rules:
Registering Risk Your Life 2 Return Of Underworld Account you are automatically agreed to the terms of use.
If you need to translate rules

In-game 1/1:

In-game bug abuse is strictly prohibited, and will lead your account to a permanent ban. **
Any kind of hack-tools/cheats will lead your account to a permanent ban. **
You may not impersonate the Game Master in any possible form. **
Do not argue with the Game Masters *
Scamming players in any kind of way is prohibited. *
Fame farming is prohibited and fame will be reset to 0. *
Dont give ingame GMs your ideas/suggestions, Use Forum!.
Dont ask ingame GMs to trade items. We do not trade items for other items at all.

Disrespect GMs/Team members is a verry serious offence and can lead to perm ban.

In-game Chat 1/2:

Do not ask the Game Masters for Items/Gold/LVL's etc. *
Do not use bad or insultive words against the Players or the Game Masters in the chat. Always Keep global chat clean *
Always use English on the Global chat ( /c ). No other language is allowed.*
Do not use any kind of racial slurs. *
Respect the other players.
Advertising websites or any other servers is strictly prohibited. **
Do not accuse any players of haking/abuse in chat. If you suspect some one is abuseing the game in some way. PM GMs with your proof as in SS Or Fraps (video best proof).

Crest / Logos 1/3:

Do not use any national flags or improper symbols as a guild crest *
You can not use the Game Masters crests or any resemble as your own guild crest. **

Account(s) 1/4:

You are responsible for your accounts. This mean that you cant lend it to your dog,cat,friend etc..and blame it on them. This also goes to items. If account is banned everything in the account is as well.
Make sure you do not get scammed or get your account stolen.
Accounts that have been stolen/scammed will be lost and will not be replaced.
Do not use any improper names on your character, or it shall be deleted.

Items/Rollover Stats 1/5:

Any item/gold/xp that was lost during the server error/lag/crash or scammed will not be replaced.
We do NOT rollback (status) items for free. Its a fee of €15 and the items will only be rolled back to safe status 4095. So if you have a item that is 4134 or more all stats will be restored to 4095. To prevent this. DONT upgrade ur items higher then 4095. No items rollover at lower stats, this fackts and it will not be discuss, debate, argues about this.
Lost items will still not be replaced for a fee or anything.(Ingame Rules)

Selling 1/6:

Trading, buying, selling items between players is not forbidden, however Risk Your Life Return Of Underworld is not responsible for any selling, buying or any trading action between players.

Anti-hack system 1/7:

If you get flaged for abuse/hacking/slot bug you will not be unbanned. We will not discuss, debate, argue about this.You will receive a PM about the ban but there where it ends. We have absolutely no obligation to prove ur ban. We do not ban ppl for no reson.


GMs/Team members works under the same rules a players.
GMs can never participate in pvp/party etc..
GMs can not give/trade items/gold

Any infringe of this rules and you will be relief as GM.


** = Perm Ban.
* = Suspended accounts 1-4 weeks or more.


NB registering Risk Your Life 2 Return Of Underworld server you are automatically agreed to the terms above
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Rules In Game Ryl2 Underworld
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